The Law Office of Joe VanDervoort and Geoff Dulebohn

Pre-trial Conferences

A pre-trial conference is a meeting between the judge, the district attorney and your attorney to discuss the possibility of a negotiated settlement. Since Butte County doesn’t hold pre-trials, the pre-trial conference is usually to set further motions and hearings.

Unless we notify you, it is not necessary for you to appear at pre-trials. After the pre-trial conference, you will receive a letter advising you what took place and the date of the next hearing. If something important took place at the pre-trial conference, we will contact you by phone.

The next step is the discovery phase. During discovery, we ask the district attorney to provide us with copies of  investigation reports from the arresting agency, dispatch tapes and any physical evidence, such as tape recordings or videos, they have or may not have in regard to your case.

If you have not already received copies of the investigation reports, we will send you copies after we receive them.