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Probation Conditions and Revocable Release


If you are convicted of a fish and game violation, the court may sentence you to formal or informal (also known as “court”) probation. All terms and conditions set forth by the court are explained in detail on the Conditions of Probation/Conditional & Revocable Release form.

Formal probation requires that you meet with a probation officer periodically.  Terms of formal probation may also require reports on employment, other activities and drug testing.

Informal or court probation, does not require that you meet with a probation officer. The terms and conditions of informal probation require that you maintain a law abiding lifestyle, and, in some instances, do not enter any establishments where the main sale item is alcohol. Informal probation may include a provision for “search and seizure with or without a warrant and without probable cause”. Informal probation generally terminates after of three to five years.

We almost always get mandatory jail deleted as a condition of probation. Formal or informal probation may be terminated early at the court’s discretion if you have completed all specific terms of probation, there is good cause, and a formal request is made to the court.